Amanda Cox

Deputy Manager of Communication
Joint Colleges of Science at The Australian National University (ANU)

Amanda CoxAmanda Cox is the Deputy Manager of Communication for the Joint Colleges of Science at The Australian National University (ANU). She is passionate about telling the amazing stories of the people behind the science, be they researchers, students, teachers or alumni. But really, she is just ecstatic to have found a job that involves nerding out about science and spending way too much time on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Amanda has over ten years’ experience working in science communication. Prior to her role at ANU, she put her science education to good use—communicating about water reform and environmental protection policies for a range of Australian Government departments and agencies.

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How does this work contribute to Seeing Science Differently?
At Science at ANU we take a human approach to telling stories about science. Rather than tell the audience about the science, we want to encourage them to fell emotion, to laugh, to cry and most importantly to relate to a researcher or student. There is nothing ‘different’ about the communication that I do. I write, I tell people what to do, I take photos, I make mistakes and I use videos. What I believe is different, is the multitude of angles that my colleagues and I use to tell the different stories of our researchers, students, teachers and alumni. My hope in doing this, is that the next generation of science students will also see science differently. Hopefully they will see science as something that they can do, and a path that offers a range of different experiences and outcomes.