Sheryn Pitman

Programme Manager
Inspiring South Australia

Sheryn PitmanWith a multidisciplinary background in environmental management, community engagement, education, creative writing and communication, Sheryn currently manages the Inspiring South Australia Program, the implementation of the national Inspiring Australia Strategy to strengthen our society’s engagement with the sciences. In SA this is a partnership between Commonwealth and State governments, the three South Australian universities, and is hosted at the South Australian Museum. Previously Sheryn managed the South Australian Green Infrastructure Project, a multi-agency partnership bringing together diverse stakeholders to integrate the planning and design of green spaces and water systems that underpin the health and sustainability of towns and cities. She also worked for several years with Greening Australia engaging communities in landscape rehabilitation and habitat restoration, and has spent many years as a creative and technical writer and director, including documentary film, television and radio. Sheryn’s recently awarded doctorate has a focus on ‘ecological literacy’.

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