John Cripps Clark

Deakin University

John Cripps ClarkI have taught science in primary, secondary schools and universities in Victoria and NSW and have researched primary science education in rural and urban schools in Victoria, NSW and the ACT focussing on exemplary teachers of science and their use of practical activities. At Deakin University I teach science communication to undergraduate science students and science and technology pedagogy to pre-service primary teachers in primary schools across eastern metropolitan Melbourne in school based education units and provide professional development for teachers in Geelong.

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How does this work contribute to Seeing Science Differently?
Science is embedded in a vast, interconnected, exponentially growing web of information and mis-information. The judging accuracy and reliability of information (JAR) research and teaching program empowers students to see science differently because they are equipped not only find the science in the chaff of non-science but can advocate for science, both in the present information environment and as new technologies arise.