Misha Donohoe

Communication Design
Artful Evolution

Misha DonohoeAfter moving to the Yukon Territory in Canada’s far North, Misha established her own business in science communication and has worked with clients such as Environment Yukon, The Yukon Geological Survey, Yukon Research Centre and Yukon College. Combining her love of science with her passion for visualising complexity, Misha presented a solo art exhibition showcasing remarkable cases of insect-plant co-evolution in 2015. She has taught university courses, developed a science mentoring initiative, delivered workshops on scientific illustration, led the All Girl’s Science Club at Yukon College, and fields a lot of questions about climate change at the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre. 

Misha lives off-grid in a wall tent in Canada’s far North with her husband and dog. Her best work days involve unexpected hugs from small people when visiting the Centre, sometimes accompanied by the words “Hello! I like you!”

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How does this session contribute to Seeing Science Differently?
Drawing on insights from key stakeholders in Canada’s far north, this session illustrates how new modes of thinking are informing approaches to science and its function in decision-making at all levels.