New modes of thought: Case studies from Canada’s far North

Case studies and presentations


Thursday 23 February




Misha Donohoe

Communication Design

Artful Evolution

“The progress of science requires more than new data; it needs novel frameworks and contexts. And where do these fundamentally new views of the world arise? They are not simply discovered by pure observation; they require new modes of thought.”
Stephen Jay Gould


The Yukon Territory is unique in many respects. It covers almost half a million square kilometres and is home to 35,000 people (and twice as many moose). In winter, communities above the Arctic Circle experience 24 hours darkness where temperatures drop to -50°C in winter. Like many circumpolar communities, Yukoners live within a landscape that is responding rapidly to a changing climate and many groups are implementing frameworks to build community resilience.

This session provides a synthesis of projects that Misha has been involved with. It draws on on extensive interviews and describes emergent themes in approaches to science and the role of science communication in the North.

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