The Grow Light Trolley Project: Shining a light on Biodiversity

Case studies and presentations


Thursday 23 February




Mandy Bamford

Zoologist and Science Communicator

Bamford Consulting Ecologists


This quirky, Art / Science installation and workshop took place in November as part of the Kaleidoscope Projection Festival in Joondalup, Western Australia. Using recycled materials, local artists and community members decorated reclaimed shopping trolleys with artworks depicting local animals and filled them with food plants of those animals. Themes included Wetlands, Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo, Butterflies and Biodiversity. The aim was to promote urban biodiversity to a wide audience using a quirky and eye-catching medium.  The project successfully engaged and educated the local community.  Following the festival, the seedlings used were planted by local gardeners to increase urban biodiversity. Created artworks will feature in future displays promoting biodiversity and recycling.

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