The making of a science expedition documentary in the remote Kimberley of Western Australia

Case studies and presentations


Friday 24 February




Trevor Almeida



Trevor Almeida from Geonewmedia will present a case study on the making of a science expedition documentary in the remote Kimberley of Western Australia.
** All delegates receive VIP access to the film for free. It can also be accessed via Apple TV etc. Details…**
You may wish to view the film before attending this session.
This session will:
• Go through the challenges of making an expedition film of this kind.
• Explain the equipment we chose.
• Cover the story path we took and why.
• Explain the value of documenting science in action.
• Review what we learnt and how we would do it differently today.
• Discuss power of documentary in communicating science.
This session is for:
Science communicators interested in the documentary form to engage a general audience.
Professions seeking to use mini documentary or video to communicate, educate and train.
Anyone interested in the natural world and the “vast unknown” of the Kimberley.
Filmmakers interested in wildlife and environmental films.
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