Tullio Rossi

Science Communicator, Marine Biologist and Graphic Designer

Tullio RossiDr. Tullio Rossi is a marine biologist and science communicator. He is the author of the three-time award-winning animation video “Lost at Sea” and “Coral Bleaching Explained: The story of Frank the coral” finalist at SCINEMA 2016 International Science Film Festival and Film4Climate Global Video Competition 2016. After completing his PhD, Tullio dedicated his career to science communication. He now helps other scientists and institutions communicate their work to the general public using visual media and storytelling. Tullio also created the YouTube channel The Coral Garden and is currently working on a startup business in science communication called Animate Your Science.

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How does this work contribute to Seeing Science Differently?
This case study is about the use of cartoon-like whiteboard style animation videos for science communication. This is an innovative and certainly “different” way of communicating science, that proved to be effective with both adults and kids. The friendly cartoonish style makes even the driest scientific topic approachable. Furthermore, research has shown that whiteboard videos are more engaging and produce better learning outcomes than traditional talking head videos.