Making Animation: Getting from concept to screen – a 5 stage process (online)

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Poster will be on display in the Thinking Space for the duration of the conference.




Adrian King

Animation Producer & Director



30 minute webinar with digital handouts (scheduled prior to onsite conference). A poster showing the process will be on display onsite at the conference to reinforce ideas learned here. Recommended particularly for onsite delegates planning to attend the accompanying Professional Development Workshop: Animation concept development kick-start (BYO concept).

This presentation offers a unique inside view of the animation production process, getting right down to the nitty-gritty details. No matter what your involvement with animation is, the principles and practices shared in this workshop will prove valuable.

In this presentation Adrian will unpack 20 years of experience with the 5 stages that all animation projects go through to get from concept to screen. The aim is to provide attendees with a deeper understanding of the process, particularly within the three most important stages that occur before animation even begins, (briefing, script & concept development, and design). Getting these first three stages right are the critical determining factors in whether or not an animation will succeed, and whether or not those involved will enjoy the process.

  • Introduction and overview
  • Stage 1: Initial briefing (What’s in a brief?)
  • Stage 2: Script & concept development (Putting flesh on the bones)
  • Stage 3: Design (Moving from words to pictures)
  • Stage 4: Production (Bringing it all together)
  • Stage 5: Delivery (That’s a wrap!)
  • Q&A

The session will include a 12 page PDF handout of the 5 stages, with examples of the 5 stages applied to recently completed science communication animation projects.

LINK: 12 page ‘5 Stages’ PDF (download here)

This session is for:

  • Communicators wishing to use animation or visual effects to tell stories and convey messages
  • Managers seeking to make efficient and effective use of the medium of animation.
  • Professionals who need to work with animation companies or animators.
  • Animators seeking to improve their project management skills.

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