How to use conferencing technologies to spread science far & wide workshop (online)





Ben Newsome


During this practical workshop you’ll discover how to use video and web conferencing technologies to link students & the public with your science content.

Importantly, we’ll look at specific examples on how distance lessons have allowed remote audiences to see science differently and re-engage with their communities. We’ll look at proven ways that ensure that your audience remains engaged with your presentation plus simple tips and tricks to make the best of your audio & visuals. The workshop will be hands-on as we will run simple experiments with one of the science educators from Fizzics Education in a virtual excursion demonstration. Time will be made to provide an overview of Australian distance education science specialists as well as touch on the knowledge gained from nearly 30 North American science organisations  in my Churchill Fellowship on science education via video conference By the end of this workshop you’ll know how to start spreading your science knowledge through conferencing technologies, where to get support and understand how to reach distant audiences from schools to retirement homes not only within Australia but around the globe.

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