The all too human side of science and social media marketing

Case studies and presentations


Thursday 23 February




Amanda Cox

Deputy Manager of Communication

Joint Colleges of Science at The Australian National University (ANU)


If you were asked to communicate science in a way that generated the most engagement with your audience on social media, how would this change your science communication practice? What if there were no rules and you were left to innovate with a never-ending-bucket-of-money? OK, this is sooo unrealistic but, a girls gotta dream, right?

During this presentation, I will share some of my experiences working with a small team of communicators and marketers to drive engagement with potential university science students on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

By the end you will be convinced of how choosing the right image can differentiate success from failure, that science is the right path to take if you want to experience the entire range of human emotion in one day, and that students just want to see their lecturers being attacked by magpies.

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