Animation concept development kick-start (BYO concept)

Professional development


Thursday 23 February


Tower Room


Adrian King

Animation Producer & Director



Limited capacity, RSVPs essential.

In this workshop Adrian will guide and assist you through the process of developing an idea for an animation through the first two stages (briefing and concept development). Getting these first two stages right are the critical determining factors in whether or not your animation will succeed and whether or not you’ll enjoy the process.

By the end of the workshop participants will have developed an initial brief, concept and script outline for their own animation. These are the requisite items needed to obtain quotes from and engage an animator or animation production company to execute the next three stages (design, production and delivery).

During the workshop participants will be invited to work on a subject matter and communication objective of their own choosing that they think animation would be suitable for. Peer support and collaboration will be encouraged in this workshop.

Because of the practical creative nature of this workshop, it is requested that participants in the workshop to have first attended (or viewed) the 30 minute online presentation: Making Animation: Getting from concept to screen — a 5 stage process to provide them with background information.


  • Identifying your communication goal(s) for maximum influence
  • Stage 1: Initial briefing (What’s in a brief?)
  • Stage 2: Script & concept development (The muscle behind the message)
  • Stage 3: Design (Pictures may say more than words, but some pictures are better)
  • Tips on how to engage and work with an animator or animation production company
  • Q&A

Workshop materials include a 12 page PDF handout of the 5 stages, two editable MS Word documents (initial briefing template, script outline template) plus other.

This workshop is designed for:

  • Science communicators considering using animation to tell stories and ideas.
  • Managers seeking to make efficient and effective use of the medium of animation.
  • Professionals who need to work with animation companies or animators.
  • Animators seeking to improve their project management skills.
  • Anyone with a hot concept they are ready to develop to take to the boss.

How does this session contribute to ‘Seeing Science Differently’?

A well thought out animation script can challenge pre-conceived ideas and beliefs. This workshop aims to give participants a head-start with their animation projects, to bring more influential science communication animation to the screen.

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