Climate champion farmers, integrating deficit, dialogue and participatory science engagement



Thursday 23 February




Jenni Metcalfe

PhD student

Australian National University


My paper explores the Climate Champion program of farmers to look at the relationships that evolved between the farmers who participated in the program during 2009-2016.

I analyse the results of an end-of-program online survey with farmer and scientists to assess the relative success of the program in achieving one of its goals: ‘to provide feedback to researchers from climate champion farmers about their research directions and products’.

My research includes a thematic content analysis of the open question survey data to determine the nature of engagement between the three groups compared to science communication models of deficit, dialogue and participatory engagement.

My research indicates that deficit, dialogue and participatory science engagement activities necessarily co-existed within the climate champion program. However, as relationships developed and both farmers and researchers identified with the program their interactions were much more participatory.

I will present practical application of my research for practitioners seeking to develop and implement participatory programs between scientists and specific citizen groups.

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