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Thursday 23 February




Hannah Feldman

In this case study, Hannah will share how technology is helping to shake up STEM outreach engagement with students and teachers, via the Questacon Smart Skills Initiative (also known as QSSI).

The Questacon Smart Skills Initiative runs workshops nationally for secondary and primary students, regardless of academic ability, to learn through exploration of their own ideas, refinement, and growth from failure in a fun, safe environment.

Hannah will speak to QSSI endeavours in “Seeing Science Differently” through utilisation of “Virtual Excursions”: STEM and innovation workshops delivered via video conference. Unlike traditional, one-way digital outreach, the QSSI team provide creative, hands on experiences that challenge the YouTube-style lectures, and Q&A format interviews.

In addition, the QSSI team have also been experimenting with use of tablets and digital prototyping/challenges as a means for students to get hands on with STEM experiences.

Both these approaches draw on inquiry-based learning pedagogy: they give participants an immersive, hands-on, learner-centred experience. This ensures each workshop develops transferable skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, problem solving, communication, self-confidence, while keeping up with an ever-changing digital landscape.

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