Taking the plunge: so you want to be a communication consultant?

Professional development


Friday 24 February


Tower Room


Simon Torok

Science Communicator



Karen Pearce

Writer, Editor and Science Communicator

Bloom Communication

Paul Holper

Science Communicator


Toni Stevens

Science Communicator and Chief of Staff

Science in Public


Are you interested in setting up a science communication consultancy? Do you want to hear how communication consultants – ranging from sole traders to large companies – run their businesses? What are the challenges, surprises, and achievements you might expect as a consultant? And how can organisations, such as CSIRO, government agencies and universities, better engage and benefit from communication consultants?

Join a panel of communicators as they describe their journeys into consulting and share advice, tips and pitfalls.

This one-hour session will include 20 minutes of panellist discussion, followed by 40 minutes of Q&A and audience participation, including a final wrap up.

Topics to be covered include how consultants work, the opportunities and difficulties, how to find work and clients, how to overcome hurdles, and how organisations can work better with consultants.

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