What about those who really see science differently?

Case studies and presentations


Friday 24 February




Craig Cormick

Creative Director



An overview of various research into those members of the community who don’t really get what the fuss about science is all about, and are not particularly engaged by science as a topic of interest. The presentation will draw on research undertaken at the CSIRO and Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, to show what amount of people are not much interested in science, why they are not – and importantly what types of things can be done to better engage them.

Useful links:
ABC Radio National – Okham’s Razor – What do people really think about science and technology? (podcast with transcript)

The Conversation – What do you think people think about science and technology? (article)

CSIRO – Community Attitudes Towards Science and Technology in Australia (pdf report)

CSIRO – Engaging the disengaged with science (blog post)

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